New Competition Condition

New Competition condition for adoption for the 2014 Relay Championships and subsequent ECCA Championships.
“Senior and Junior age group athletes who are registered with UKA as foreign athletes may represent their First Claim English Club in the ECCA Team Championships on condition that they can demonstrate bona fide and unbroken residence in the UK and have been registered with UKA by January 1st prior to the start of the following competition year/cross country winter season.”

Supporting Statement.
“The ECCA has reviewed the Championship Condition introduced in 2013 in respect of the participation of Foreign Athletes in club teams.
The requirement for the Relay Championship on November 1st 2014 and the National Championships on 21st February 2015 is that Foreign Athletes must have been registered by 1st January 2014. No limits are applied to the number of Foreign Athletes in either the a relay team or a scoring team in the National. Foreign Athletes not registered as such may compete as non-scoring competitors in the National. All entrants in the National championships must be registered with England Athletics.
The ECCA is committed to the development of English Cross Country runners and expects Clubs to adopt this principle when selecting teams but recognises the valuable contribution made to many clubs by those Foreign Athletes who have chosen to live in the UK. We offer our thanks to those Clubs that have contributed to this review and to helping the ECCA achieve a balance of widely contrasting opinions.
John Temperton – Chairman ECCA – September 2014