Timetable changed for the Nationals and Relays 2017

The ECCA Championship Committee has met and decided to change the Timetable of Events for this Season’s Championships.

The Timetable for the Relays at Berry Hill Park, Mansfield on Saturday 4th November is now:

11.00am          Junior Womens (3×2.5K)

 11.09am         Under 17 Women (3×2.5K)

11.40am         Under 13 Boys (3x2K)

12.05pm         Under 13 Girls (3x2K)

12.30pm        Junior Men (3x3k)

12.50pm        Under 17 Men(3x3k)

1.20pm          Under 15 Girls (3x2K)

1.45pm          Under 15 Boys (3x2K)

2.05pm         Senior Women (3x3K)

2.40pm         Senior Men (4x5K)

The Prospectus for this years event will be posted shortly, entries open on 1st September and will be online only.

The Timetable for the English National at Parliament Hill, London on Saturday 24th February 2018 is as follows:

11.00am       Under 17 Women (5K) .

11.25am       Under 15 Boys (4.5K)

11.45am       Under 13 Girls (3K)

12.05pm      Under 17 Men (6K)

12.30pm      Under 13 Boys (3K)

12.45pm      Under 15 Girls (4K)

1.05pm        Junior Women (6K)

1.35pm        Junior Men (10K)

2.20pm       Senior Women (8K)

3.00pm      Senior Men (12K)

The Prospectus for the 2018 National Championships will be posted later in the year.