Travel and Event Admin – Relays 2013

Please see updated travel information for the venue here

Event Administration

Registration and Declaration of Teams will take place in a LARGE MARQUEE IN THE CENTRE OF THE ATHLETICS TRACK. This is also where Nos. and Timing Chips will be handed out. Fill in Declaration forms first then you will be issued with Nos. and Chips. Remember to bring a Pen with you and your declaration must be from the list of names in the programme.

Please Note that Chips & Nos for the first 6 races will be available from 9:00am. However Chips & Nos for the last 4 events the U15 Girls, U15 Boys, Snr Women and Snr Men WILL NOT be available for collection until 11:00am.

The Chips are to be secured around each runner’s ankle by using the velcro strap. All Chips will be collected at the end of each race. If for some reason you have an incomplete Team then return the unused Chips to The Event Administration. Failure to do so will result in your Club being charged £7 per missing Chip.

In the Senior Men’s race at the end of the programme on the last leg there will be a mass start for Teams that have been lapped, timing of this will be made on the day.