The English Cross Country Relays are just a week away on the 4th of November.
Unfortunately this year no parking is allowed on the grass in the Park at Berry Hill. However 3 hardstanding areas outside of the Park have been made available but to make sure everyone has a space for those coming to Mansfield by car the Association needs to know who has booked one in advance of the day.
We are suggesting that those coming from the North park at the Linneys  and those from the South or Midlands park at the West Notts Coll. There will then be buses around to transport people to Berry Hill Park, or you can walk there as they are not that far away from the race venue. Details of where the Car Parks are, can be found on the English Cross Country website.
We encourage those coming by car to book a space at either Linneys or West Notts by accessing
However Mansfield District Council are charging £5 to cover costs so please have a card available for payment.
Please do it sooner rather than later to make sure you have it all arranged before you set off.