Travel Directions and Notes for Competitors, Club Team Managers & Spectators

This venue was used in 2018 for the first time for the Northern Championships, and both competitors and spectators thought the venue and the course excellent. Access to and exit from the venue involves traffic management and extensive signage arrangements to ensure that everyone gets in and out efficiently. Please take note of the following guidance.

Event Access Harewood House

Access for Cars, Coaches and Tent Drop-Off
The National event will use three entrances to the site. These are shown on the separate Event Access plan.

All coach and minibus permit holders must use the Arch entrance to access the site (Shown as Access point 2 on the plan).

All of the above must clearly display permits, which will be available on line via the event entry website: There is a charge for coach (£30) and mini bus (£15) parking permits. The permit will be issued via email, by the Northern Athletics office, once the permit payment is made online. Permits must be obtained by Friday the 15th Feb. Please print the permit and clearly display.

Details of the Coach and Minibus parking and drop off arrangements will be issued with the permits. Coaches or mini buses that arrive without a permit will be subject to an increased charge on the day at the drop off point (£50 for coaches & £25 mini buses)

There is a car parking fee of £5 per car, which will be collected at pay points in the three parking areas. Please have the correct money ready to pay to minimise any delay in getting parked and follow the parking stewards’ instructions directing drivers where to park.

Unfortunately, there is no ability to offer a tent drop off point. Clubs bringing a large heavy club tent will need to transport their tent from whichever car parking area they are

All the car parking is on grass, so please take care & drive carefully to avoid getting stuck when entering or leaving the parking areas.

Please also note that, depending upon the ground condition and the weather prior to the event, the parking areas as shown on the plan may change to use the driest areas available.

The access points will remain the same but the areas and routes within the park may be different. These will be clearly signed & an updated version of the plan will be uploaded to the ECCA website after a site meeting on Friday 15th February, if that is deemed necessary.

Travel to Harewood House for competitor and spectator cars

All vehicle drivers are urged to follow the directions below. Please do not use satnav systems for your final miles to the park but follow the yellow event signage.

  • Vehicles travelling north from Leeds on the A61 will enter the site, turning left at the temporary traffic lights (signage will be in place), about 600m before Harewood Village at Access point 3, entering through the wooden gates in the perimeter wall.
  • Vehicles travelling west on the A659 from the A1M and Collingham will enter Harewood via the main Arch Gatehouse; straight ahead at the traffic lights.
  • Vehicles from the North and West must follow the event direction signs and approach the site via Pool in Wharfedale and Arthington on the A659, entering the park at access point 1. This entry point then has approximately 2 miles of estate roads (these will be marked with arrows on day of the event) before reaching the Car parking area 1. Please drive carefully on the estate roads as some are public rights of way and are used by walkers.
  • Access point 1 will be a one way entry route until 1 pm, when it will cease to be an entry route and become an exit route. Any cars arriving after 1 pm should continue east on the A659 and turn right onto the A61 and use the Arch Gatehouse entrance (Access Point 2).
  • Other Important Event Information
    Dogs are allowed onto the event site but must be kept under control on a short lead at all times and be kept away from any grazing animals or wildlife.
  • Athletes & Spectators are only able to use the area covered by the course, (Please keep away from any trees in the area). There is no access to any other areas of the Park, Gardens or House, as these are closed until 23rd March.
  • Pedestrian access to the event area goes across the grass area in the centre of the yellow lap. Please use the designated crossing points to reach the event area. The shortest distance from parking to the club tent area is about 500m, the longest about 700m. The pedestrian crossing (of the estate road) from Car parking area 1, will be signed & just to the west of the entrance barriers on the estate road.
  • Any lost child should find an event marshal (who will be wearing Hi Viz Event Marshal bibs), or report to the Registration marquee.
  • No generators are allowed in the club tent area.
  • All club tents must be securely pegged down

Travel to Harewood House by Public Transport
A regular Bus service operates between Leeds & Harrogate. This bus service (No 36) passes the arch entrance, with a 28 minute travel time from Leeds, (20 minutes from Harrogate). The service runs at 10 minute intervals from 10:00 on Saturdays (20 minutes before 10:00). The Leeds bus stop is a 15 minute walk from Leeds Station.

Further information and timetables can be viewed or downloaded here: